Thanks for your interest! Scroll down to see a list of frequently asked questions about the proposed civic space (which includes a video walk-through) or keep reading for an overview of our vision.

We hope to establish a vibrant civic space in Newmarket, New Hampshire dedicated to creative and cultural exploration and experimentation. We also believe that the space has the responsibility to increase the quality and variety of educational and community-oriented programs, and to effectively steward our corner of the historic mill with respect to its historical significance to the town.

The proposed civic space aims to serve the community by:

  • Reflecting the cultural and artistic interests of the residents and nonprofit and business organizations of Newmarket and its surrounding community.
  • Offering community members creative and learning opportunities in the form of roundtable discussions, workshops, panel sessions, lectures, visual and audio gallery installations, film festivals, historic engagement, musical performances and education, and live theater.
  • Offering community members the availability of the space as a function hall for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, banquets, corporate meetings, and private gatherings.
  • Providing an evolving cultural environment that widens engagement in interdisciplinary practices with attention ranging from the historical significance of the mills to new technologies offered by the digital era and its collaborative culture.
  • Establishing work space for musicians, entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, writers, freelancers, and technologists to interact and collaborate in the exploration of history, technology, art, business, film, photography, theater, community, and the web.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Feel free to send us more questions via the comment box below.

How much is this going to raise taxes?

Zero dollars. It will not raise taxes. The proposed civic space will be funded through membership, programming, foundation grants, government grants, and private and corporate donations.

Why do we even have this opportunity? How did we get here?

  • 1823 The mills arrived in Newmarket, New Hampshire.
  • 1987 For the first time in 164 years, the mills are empty of any manufacturing industry.
  • 1997 The mills are sold to Town of Newmarket for $1, Newmarket Community Development Corporation (NCDC) is created to accept the mills with the goal of redevelopment for the community.
  • 2004 NCDC commissioned a report that involved a diverse list of potential uses for the mills. LACA was created to oversee a proposed civic space.
  • 2006 Newmarket Heritage and Culture Center Commitee (NHCCC) formed to develop the civic space.
  • 2007 Following a draft proposal, a tour of the mills produced a 5400 square feet space in the basement of the N1 building as the difinitive location for the civic space.
  • 2013 A $1 a year lease is signed for the civic space by the Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance.

Who made this happen? Who can we thank?

The proposed civic space is the product of an unprecedented collaboration between the following organizations and individuals:

  • Newmarket Community Development Corporation
  • Lamprey Arts & Culture Alliance
  • Newmarket Main Street Corporation
  • Newmarket Recreation Department
  • Newmarket Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Newmarket Historical Society
  • Newmarket Business Association
  • Newmarket Veterans Memorial Trust
  • Newmarket Town Council
  • Newmarket Downtown TIF Advisory Committee
  • Town residents
  • Local artists and musicians

What is the civic space going to look like?

Glad you asked! There are a lot of visions for the space. We are still working out the details. It needs to remain flexible in order to serve a lot of purposes. The current vision for the space includes a theater, lobby / gallery, information desk, meeting room, function room, and concessions cafe. Take a look at this virtual walk-through created by Sheerr McCrystal Palson Architecture inc:


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